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Al Minbar, the Arabic language institute in Rabat

Al Minbar Institute, the Arabic language institute in Rabat, gives you the opportunity to learn Arabic with a full cultural immersion in Morocco, a country with proven welcoming traditions.
Located in the very heart of Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, Al Minbar has it all: proximity to a strong public transportation network, perfect location close to hotels, restaurants, and old sites such as the Old Medina, and especially a safe and secure environment.

Why study arabic in Rabat, Morocco ?

A remarkable chance to delve into the exploration of a unique language while completely submerging oneself in the cultural richness of a nation celebrated for its welcoming traditions. Rabat, recognized as one of the four imperial cities of the country, offers an optimal setting for this immersive linguistic endeavor.

How cultural immersion helps you learn arabic better ?

Immersing oneself in a local environment and applying acquired knowledge in authentic, real-world settings constitute the most expeditious method for mastering the Arabic language.

How to apply to our scholarships ?

The Al Minbar Scholarships endeavor to recognize and reward students who demonstrate outstanding excellence and unwavering commitment in the pursuit of proficiency in the Arabic language. Additionally, these scholarships are designed to foster the advancement of Arabic language studies as a foreign language.

Are you looking for learning Arabic with the best Arabic language institute in Rabat, Morocco ?

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Admissions & Programs details

To register for our courses & programs at Al Minbar institute, and experience the Arabic language through our immersive activities , please complete the application form and we will get back to you within 48h.

You have the choice to stay with a host family and make the most of your homestay abroad, or you may opt for our student residence or studio apartment; an accommodation that guarantees more freedom  especially if you are staying for a long time.

Our Arabic learning programs include a wide variety of immersive cultural activities such as workshops, trips & excursions; all at an affordable cost.

See our plans for more details.  

Cultural immersive activities